Community Guidelines

As a national network, the Food Systems Leadership Network includes individuals across all 50 states, rural, urban, and First Nations. We leverage technology in the form of this interactive online platform– to connect these leaders, build relationships, facilitate the exchange of ideas and resources, and encourage collaboration among members and across communities.

Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines and supporting privacy measures to ensure the best possible use of this site.

We strive to create an environment where people feel comfortable and welcomed, are respected and acknowledged, and can seek and share advice freely. We looked to our friends who curate the Non-Profit Happy Hour Facebook Forum for inspiration around Community Guidelines (thanks!) and adapted some initial guidelines that we will evolve as we learn how to best use this technology and as we receive feedback and guidance from members. As an FSLN member posting on the site, such as in the Discussion Groups, Member Blogs, or news, we as that you please be mindful of the following

  • Approach conversations and information with curiosity and respect to promote and maintain a spirit of collective learning. 
  • Discriminatory language, hate speech, bullying, or other inappropriate language or harassment are not permitted.  
  • While we welcome discussion of relevant policy issues and opportunities, we do not allow campaigning for specific political candidates. 
  • Promotion of specific paid services or products is not permitted, except for the Events page.