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About Racial Affinity Spaces

The Food Systems Leadership Network (FSLN) is thrilled to announce the launch of our inaugural Racial Affinity Groups! This marks a significant milestone in our journey and commitments towards cultivating a more equitable and just food system. We invite you to be part of this endeavor.

Racial Affinity Groups offer a unique opportunity for individuals within the farming and food system to engage in deep, reflective conversations about the intersection of racial identity and systemic inequities. These groups serve as safe spaces for people of shared racial backgrounds to explore the impact of racism, white supremacy, and to embark on a path towards healing and liberation.

The farming and food system in the US is built upon a long history of racism, discrimination, and exploitation of marginalized communities. Racial Affinity Groups stand as a tool to counter these injustices, providing a platform for:

  • BIPOC individuals to discuss the effects of racism, combat internalized racism, and foster relationships based on trust and solidarity.
  • White individuals to confront the realities of white supremacy culture, develop strategies for discussing racism and privilege, and engage in learning without burdening BIPOC peers with the task of education.

To read more about racial affinity groups (sometimes called racial caucusing) check out these resources: 

FSLN and Racial Affinity Groups

The FSLN recognizes the role of Racial Affinity Groups in the fight against racism. Through partnerships and feedback from our members, the need for such spaces has been loudly voiced. In response, we are launching a 6-month Pilot Program for the FSLN Racial Affinity Groups. We aim to initiate up to 5 groups, focusing on creating impactful, supportive environments for all participants. Though FSLN will host these groups, the groups and conversations will be co-designed and co-created by the groups and facilitators themselves; in response to the needs, reflections, and dreams that emerge within each space.    

Contact [email protected] with questions.

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