Quality Management Systems Training

Quality Management Systems are a powerful tool for businesses large and small and have application for a variety of food and farm businesses. But what are they, really? How do you actually implement one? What are they good for? In this course, we'll look at how a QMS can help increase efficiency, build resiliency, optimize resources, continually improve, and ultimately empower your organization to better serve your customers. This course is designed for food hubs, USDA GroupGAP groups, and other organizations/collaborations interested in the benefits a QMS can provide. This course builds on the content in the QMS Guide, and is designed to take you deeper into the practicalities of designing, implementing, and using a QMS. You can work through this course on your own, at your own pace, or go through it together with a cohort of your peers. As you do, make sure to join the Food Safety and Quality discussion group, where you can share what you're learning, ask questions, and find assistance to help you on your quality journey. We meet monthly, on the first Wednesday of the month. Register for those calls here.
Phil Britton · May 9, 2022
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