Funding and Fundraising

funding and fundraising

Show me the money! Resourcing food systems work is tough, but we’ve all found creative ways to keep the lights on through earned revenue, grants, donations or all of the above and more. The Funding and Fundraising topic area is a place for those involved in/overseeing fundraising activities for your organization. Here you can find and share templates, resources, and ideas to advance your Funding and Fundraising work!

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Funding Sources for Food Related Businesses Jamie Rahrig, Rich Pirog, Jazmin Bolan-Williamson, Rachel Kelly, Anel Guel, Nick McCann, Abigail Harper, Evan Kutz, Taylor Wimberg, Emily KimThe eighth edition of this directory provides an overview of various financing sources available to …2023,
Removing Barriers to USDA GAP ProgramsNASDA FoundationGAP Programs Stakeholder Toolkit2022
Institutional Investment in PraxisElliott Smith, Kitchen Sync StrategiesInstitutional Investment in Praxis Learn more about examples of institutional investment including stories from a …2021, , ,
Food Hub Common Chart of AccountsFarm Credit EastThis is a sample chart of accounts for a food hub to help you ensure …2017,
Running a Food Hub Volume 3: Assessing Financial ViabilityUSDA Rural DevelopmentThis is the third volume in a series on the fundamentals of running a food …2016,
Financial Management for Food Hub Success – The 2018 Food Hub Finanical Benchmark Study FindingsWallace CenterFindings From the 2018 Food Hub Financial Benchmarking Study2019,
Milestone Example BudgetN/AWith sample project budget, income & expenditure budget, cashflow forecast, capital budget, and consolidated budget., ,
Nonprofit Chart of Accounts with Food and Farming NotesPoppy DavisThis is a sample chart of accounts for nonprofits which can offer guidance on how …2002, ,
Finance and Related Matters Reference BookMAF Europe2006, ,
Nonprofit Budget TemplateN/ANonprofit Budget Template2018,
Nonprofit Earned Income Strategies-Where to StartSocial Enterprise AssociatesFrom the Social Enterprise Associates, this brief is for non-profits interested in new methods of …,
Funding VCC as Place Based Development QuicksheetSarah RockerOver the past ten years, investment in local food systems focused on rebuilding eroded physical …2019,
Financing Sustainable FoodsFinancing Sustainable Foods Presentation Slides for the Getting Banks to “Yes” with small diversified farms.

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