Nonprofit Management and Operations

Nonprofit Management and Operations

Running and working in nonprofits can be incredibly rewarding and also exhausting. Managing grant budgets, creating systems, filing 990s, and supervising staff all while running programs and serving your mission, requires wearing multiple hats and can leave you bleary eyed and tired.

But having greater impact isn’t about working harder, it’s about working smarter.

Explore the below resources to help you work more effectively and efficiently and join the Nonprofit Management and Operations Discussion Group to connect with your peers around this topic.

Featured Resources

VCC Evaluation TemplateWallace Center

The goal of this template is to help Value Chain Coordination (VCC) professionals quickly build an evaluation plan based on best practices in the field. This template was developed by the Wallace Center’s Food Systems Leadership Network team with input from Value Chain Coordination professionals and consultants with expertise in evaluation and racial equity.

Value Chain Coordination Evaluation GuideN/A

This guide and the accompanying evaluation template are designed to help Value Chain Coordination Professionals design and implement an evaluation plan that is aligned with your values and unique role in your community. The guide includes prompts for reflection and space to write out your values, your unique role and activities, and includes an accompanying template where you can build your evaluation plan. Prompts are included throughout to illuminate how a given activity contributes to racial equity or perpetuates inequalities. Regardless of where you are in your journey, these questions can help you align your work and impact with your values and intentions.

Problem Trees & Objective TreesWallace Center

A problem tree can be a useful tool that allows you to analyze a problem and determine its causes and effects. This resource includes a problem tree, along with resources on problem tree overviews and how to use it.

Stages of Board DevelopmentN/A

Board Self-Assessment ToolMcKinsey and Company

What are the Basic responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards?BoardSource

Milestone Example BudgetN/A

With sample project budget, income & expenditure budget, cashflow forecast, capital budget, and consolidated …

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Nonprofit Chart of Accounts with Food and Farming NotesPoppy Davis

This is a sample chart of accounts for nonprofits which can offer guidance on how to track and manage your …

2002, ,
Finance and Related Matters Reference BookMAF Europe

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Agenda template for staff meetingsNational Farm to School Network

Agenda template for staff …

Nonprofit Budget TemplateN/A

Nonprofit Budget …

Nonprofit Earned Income Strategies-Where to StartSocial Enterprise Associates

From the Social Enterprise Associates, this brief is for non-profits interested in new methods of generating revenue for organizations via earned income. It’s purpose is to assist organizations, its leaders, and its staff, as they tackle social enterprise and begin taking the necessary steps to form an action …

Supervision-Partnering for SuccessMarla Cornelius

Strategic Planning FilterFarm to Institution New England

Defining Racial Equity and Food Equity Assessment QuestionsN/A

Draft set of questions that can be asked when planning or rethinking a project to ensure an equity …

Racial Equity Toolkit: An Opportunity to Operationalize EquityGovernment Alliance on Racial Equity

Racial equity tools are designed to integrate explicit consideration of racial equity in decisions, including policies, practices, programs, and budgets. It is both a product and a process. Use of a racial equity tool can help to develop strategies and actions that reduce racial inequities and improve success for all groups. The Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) – a joint project of The Haas Institute and the Center for Social Inclusion – has developed this Tool for community-based organizations, elected officials, government staff, and other interested individuals to understand and analyze how proposed and existing projects can incorporate equity throughout the development, implementation, and evaluation phases of …

Peer Coaching Group ProcessOtto Scharmer and Peter Senge

Step by step guidance for conducting a peer coaching …

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Evaluating VCC ConveningsSarah Rocker

Convening groups of stakeholders is an important facet of value chain coordination work. Meetings offer an opportunity to capture diverse stakeholder perspectives and surveys can be an effective way to understand relationship connectivity in the group. This quicksheet offers two survey approaches that can be used to track VCC relationship-building efforts through convening events. Each approach includes explanations of data collection, examples of results, and pros and cons of each approach, to allow you to choose the best method for your organization’s …


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