Systems Leadership

Systems Leadership

Food systems leadership is realized when a group of people harmonize their vision for the future they want to create and align their actions so that the sum of what they do together far exceeds what any one individual or organization can do alone.

To achieve this kind of transformational, systems leadership, a unique set of skills must be cultivated and nurtured in every one of us: the ability to see and understand the system we are trying to change, the ability to facilitate reflection, dialogue, and coordinated action, and the ability to serve as a leader grounded in racial and social equity, radical inclusion, and a shared vision for the future.

Though it may seem daunting, there are resources, ideas, and tools to help you access and honor the system leader within.

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Featured Resources

Memorandum of Understanding TemplateWallace Center

Template for a Memorandum of …

Value Chain GuidebookValue Chain Initiative

A Process for Value Chain Development

2005, , ,
The Value Chain LinkThe Value Chain Initiative

An overview of the Value Chain Initiative in Alberta, Canada

2006, ,
Spectrum of Insitutional InvestmentElliott Smith, Kitchen Sync Strategies

Elliott Smith of Kitchen Sync Strategies outlines the concept of institutional investment in equitable food systems through explaining some of the conditions that make it necessary and defining some terms.

2021, , ,
Key Components of Success for Institutional InvestmentElliott Smith, Kitchen Sync Strategies

What institutions need to know to move beyond procurement policies and build partnerships for an equitable food economy

2021, , ,
Toward Market Cities: Lessons on Supporting Public Market Systems From Pittsburgh, Seattle, and TorontoProject for Public Spaces, Market Cities Intiative

Toward Market Cities: Lessons on Supporting Public Market Systems From Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Toronto This report includes background on the Market Cities Initiative and its research efforts to date, summaries of the three partner city’s findings and recommendations, and broad takeaways for other cities looking to strengthen their market systems or leading their own Market City …

2020, ,
Solidarity EconomyEmily Kawano

Building an Economy for People & …

The Dawn of System LeadershipPeter Senge, Hal Hamilton, & John Kania

The deep changes necessary to accelerate progress against society’s most intractable problems require someone who catalyzes collective …

Food System Racial Equity Assessment Tool: A Facilitaion GuideUniversity of Wisconsin-Extension

Detailed agenda with guiding questions that can be used for hosting discussions around racial equity in the food …

Peer Coaching Group ProcessOtto Scharmer and Peter Senge

Step by step guidance for conducting a peer coaching …

2016, ,

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