Value Chain Coordination Evaluation Framework

Value Chain Coordination Evaluation Framework Now Available!

Do you struggle to capture and share the full impact of your value chain coordination (VCC) work? Is evaluation continually on your list of things to set time aside for, get help on, or avoid altogether?

Help is here!

The Wallace Center’s Food Systems Leadership Network backbone team has developed an evaluation framework to help you focus and clarify how to evaluate value chain coordination and effectively document the impact of this work. The framework includes a guide and template to help you develop and implement your evaluation plan. These resources will help you align your evaluation systems with your values and capture the full story of your VCC work.  

Access the VCC Evaluation Guide

This guide documents the steps you can take to develop your VCC evaluation plan. You can use the guide as a worksheet with your team to help you capture short-, mid-, and long-term outcomes and the racial equity impacts of your work. Once you work through the first four steps of the guide, you can use your notes to complete the evaluation template:

Access the VCC Evaluation Template

Evaluation approaches can vary widely depending on the partners involved, resources available, and funder requirements. The guide will take you through the following steps as you develop or hone an evaluation plan unique to your work: 

  • Step 1: Listing your values 
  • Step 2: Defining community
  • Step 3: Linking values to strategy 
  • Step 4: Identifying your roles 
  • Step 5: Considering your levels of change 
  • Step 6: Completing your evaluation template 

Watch a recording of the VCC Evaluation Framework Release call to learn more about these VCC Evaluation resources!

Additional information:

The Wallace Center’s Food Systems Leadership network team has been collecting input from Value Chain Coordination (VCC) professionals and consultants to inform the development of this prototype VCC evaluation guide and template. We then worked with several FSLN members to beta test this guide in their own VCC work, and adjusted and clarified the framework based on user feedback.

We hope this Evaluation Framework becomes another tool for your VCC toolbox. We welcome your continued feedback! For any questions or comments, please reach out to [email protected].

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