Apply to Facilitate our new Farm to Food Assistance Community of Practice!

FSLN is excited to be launching a new Community of Practice for leaders connecting locally grown food with food security efforts. 

Food systems leaders across the US are using creative approaches to both support local farmers and alleviate food insecurity, and this Community of Practice* will bring together the people building and managing them. The goals of this CoP are to: 

  • Develop connections among people working in farm to food assistance efforts
  • Create a space for peer learning and support
  • Solve common challenges 
  • Share information, updates, and opportunities

There is so much innovation and energy in this field right now and we hope this CoP will strengthen and coordinate these efforts.  

We are seeking two facilitators to help manage and engage this group. Do you have expertise in efforts that provide affordable food while paying the farmers that produce it a fair rate? Are you looking to share resources, make connections, and build relationships between friends and peers?  If so, please apply to facilitate the Farm to Food Assistance CoP! We are inviting applications from individuals or partnerships. This is a great opportunity to flex your networking muscles while bringing together food systems leaders working on similar goals throughout the US.  

*A Community of Practice is a group of people connected by a shared interest, concern, or passion who build a strong network of relationships, increase skills and knowledge, and develop solutions towards a common goal. You can learn more about the FSLN’s Community of Practices here

Scope of Work

48 hrs, $4,800, September 2022- September 2023 

  • Lead the design and facilitation of 6 bi-monthly calls for the Farm to Food Assistance CoP, with input, guidance, and strategic direction from Wallace Center staff, including identifying, recommending, and inviting speakers and TA providers to participate in calls as needed
  • Communicate with CoP members before and after calls including sharing topics and updates, facilitating note taking and other methods of sharing learnings and outcomes from calls, and support sharing recordings and other post-call follow ups
  • Share resources with CoP members via the FSLNs online platform discussion group
  • Help develop and grow relationships between members outside of calls through maintaining an active presence in the online discussion group and make connections between participants where relevant
  • Meet regularly with Wallace Center staff to keep them up to date on process, learnings, and impact

We are hoping to host our first call before the end of September. Applications will be open till August 22nd and we’ll reach out the following week to let you know about next steps.  

Questions? Contact Ellie– [email protected]

This CoP is part of a larger LFPP project focused on understanding Farm to Food Assistance efforts. You can learn more about it here!

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