Making Grants Ours: Colonial Origins of Federal Grants and Strategies to Subvert Them

Does it feel like lots of federal and foundation grants look like they should be perfect for your initiative at first glance, but when you dig into the guidelines and application process, they feel inaccessible or even impossible?

Many of the USDA grant applications that food systems organizations seek today were first designed in the 1800’s as a tool for “Western Expansion” and intended to finance land-grabbing or colonization to establish “American” agriculture, businesses, and universities. These historical origins still show up in the application parameters we see today within USDA grant opportunities.

This webinar discusses the historically inaccessible design of USDA grants, but also strategies for how to subvert these barriers, and access the supportive dollars you’re seeking.

Join this webinar delivered by Daisa Enterprises in partnership with the Wallace Center’s Food Systems Leadership Network.

Access the slides here.

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  1. Thank you so much for a great webinar yesterday. Do you mind posting the link to the YouTube video of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that was played in the webinar please? Looking forward to the 2nd half today!