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The Wallace Center is seeking support creating an open-source and decentralized directory of technical assistance (TA) providers who specialize in helping organizations access federal food systems grants and programs. With an emphasis on TA providers who identify as BIPOC and serve BIPOC organizations, this TA Directory aims to increase access to federal food systems funding for historically underserved organizations and communities.  


USDA grants and programs play an important role in supporting the development of local and regional farms, food business and value chains. However, these programs are often hard to tap into, particularly for small and limited-resourced organizations and businesses. This can result in a cycle where well-resourced, predominately white non-profits and businesses, have an unfair advantage in applying for and winning USDA awards.

To promote more equitable access to federal programs and to diversify the pool of grant recipients and ensure that funding reaches the communities that need it most, applicant organizations need intentional outreach, technical assistance and culturally relevant support to design and manage federal awards.  

Technical Assistance Directory

To support food systems organizations across the country, and especially limited resourced organizations and BIPOC-led and -serving organizations, the Wallace Center will be embarking on a process of building an open-source and centralized directory of technical assistance (TA) providers who specialize in accessing federal food systems grants. We hope this directory will be home to a racially diverse group of TA providers who are essential to providing outreach, training, and technical assistance – particularly to BIPOC organizations.  

Have you worked with someone great that you want to nominate to be added to the directory?

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About TA Providers / Consultants: 

We are looking to amplify individuals and/or organizations that provide technical assistance to food systems organizations seeking federal funding.  

  • TA Provider Characteristics: folks providing TA for federal food systems grants, with an emphasis on TA providers who identify as BIPOC and/or who have deep commitment to anti-racism and experience working with historically underserved communities
  • Examples of TA: federal grants proposal development, federal grant writing, budget development, developing monitoring and evaluation systems, etc. 

Get Involved:

We hope you’ll join us in developing this TA directory! There are a few ways to get involved. 

  • Nominate a TA Provider. Have you worked with a TA provider to help you access federal grants? Enter their information in this form and we’ll follow up with them directly.  
  • Submit your information if you provide relevant services and would like to be included in the directory. 
  • Contribute to a Technical Assistance Landscape Analysis. Are you receiving requests for TA related to USDA programs? Are you noticing where there are gaps in the TA field? Let’s talk! Send us an email at [email protected] and we will find a time to meet and talk.  
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