Finding Your Leverage Points for Making Change

Given the scale and immediacy of the challenges facing food systems leaders, it is easy to jump to quick fixes or look for silver bullets, but there is no “one size fits all” approach to food systems change. So, the question for each of us is, how do we slow down and decide on the right intervention?

In this 90-minute workshop we grounded ourselves in the work of systems thinkers like adrienne maree brown and Donella Meadows, and then dig into the concept of “leverage points,” or places in complex systems where we can focus our efforts to make change. We explore how to identify and influence leverage points for maximum systems change, with an explicit focus on the food system. You will leave the workshop with a framework for categorizing existing strategies and interventions, a deeper understanding of how to see, influence, and shift the systems you are operating in, and new ideas for identifying impactful leverage points.

This session is hosted by the Wallace Center’s Food Systems Leadership Network in partnership with Joseph McIntyre from 10 Circles Collaboration Consultants. Joseph is a long-time food systems provocateur who has focused on systems change and thinking. He is known to many in the network for his work in co-creating the FSLN Systems Leadership Retreat curriculum.

You can find the PowerPoint here:

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