FSLN 2022 Vision and Strategy Gathering Recap

FSLN members get together in Canby, Oregon for several days of reflection and visioning to discuss how the Food Systems Leadership Network can effectively support systems change strategies.

In early June 2022, 75 Food Systems Leadership Network members and partners new and old gathered together along the Molalla River in Canby, Oregon for several days of relationship building, sensemaking, and dreaming about the future of the network. And wow, what a week it was!

What we learned, discussed, and co-created in Oregon will help guide the next several years of FSLN strategy and programming. The FSLN touches over 2,500 people; the 75 people who were together in Oregon are just a small part of this growing network. In this recap document, we’re excited to share what we did together, the ideas that emerged for the FSLN, and where we’ll go from here to ensure that this strategic planning process is an inclusive and collaborative effort reflective of the needs and dreams of all members of the Food Systems Leadership Network.

Check out this Recap document to hear more about how we spent our time together and explore the photo album to see who was there. Next steps and outcomes will be communicated to the network throughout the summer months and will culminate in a virtual network gathering this fall. Stay tuned!

FSLN 2022 Vision and Strategy Gathering Recap

We also heard an ask for several resources and information about the planning of this event. Here are some key documents that helped us bring this to life:

  • Master Run of Show – hour by hour breakdown of the four days of sessions and open space
  • Full Facilitation Agenda – get inside the FSLN backbone team’s heads with this very detailed agenda containing talking points, questions, and timing breakdown. 
  • Budget (excluding staff time) – this will give you a sense of what it took financially to pull this event off
  • Photo album — ok, not a resource, but… can you feel the love, laughter, brain- and heart- storming that was happening?! We hope this helps illustrate the week.
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  1. Awesomeness!!! So loved being invited and honored be with all of these incredible people!! #foodfirst

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