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Lesson 3: Farm Bill 101 with the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Annalina Kazickas April 20, 2022

The 2023 Farm Bill is on its way! This critical legislation has a huge impact on food and farming systems, including allocating funding for many federal food systems grants, like the Local Agriculture Market Program Grants (LFPP, FMPP, RFSP, VAPG), Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program, Community Food Projects, and more. Getting involved in shaping the 2023 Farm Bill can ensure that your community’s interests are reflected in USDA programs, but the ins and outs of what that actually looks like can be confusing.

The Farm Bill 101 training demystifies what the Farm Bill is, how it shapes our farm and food system, and offers strategies for how YOU can get involved in influencing and improving it. We’ll highlight what’s happening in DC, opportunities to drive change, and how to make your voice heard in the process. This webinar is presented by Cathy Day and Sarah Hackney of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.

Webinar slides here