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Lesson 4: Policy & Advocacy for Food Systems Change: A Conversation with Seasoned Leaders

Political advocacy is one of the most effective ways of achieving lasting systems change in our communities and in our food system. With an unprecedented amount of funding coming from the federal government to protect and advance local food systems, and with the Farm Bill up for renewal in 2023, now is the time to get motivated, excited, and ready to act to ensure that Congress continues supporting programs that build more equitable, resilient, and climate-smart food systems in the United States.  

Food policy experts Lorette Picciano of Rural Coalition, Kate Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald-Canepa, LLC, Paula Daniels of the Center for Good Food Purchasing, and Savi Horne of North Carolina Association of Black Lawyers, Land Loss Prevention Project will be joining a panel conversation moderated by the Wallace Center’s Susan Schempf to share their experiences and perspectives on engaging in food policy and advocacy. Together, these leaders bring decades of experience using policy and advocacy as tools for creating lasting change. We’re honored to have them share insight into best practices and approaches for navigating food systems policy and their visions for moving these efforts forward. 

Resources shared in the chatbox can be found here.